What we do

End-to-end impact management, measurement, verification, analysis and reporting services.

Our objective is to assist social and impact investors, grant-makers, philanthropists and grant-making institutions to leverage their resources and contribute to increased impact and return on investment in the impact ecosystem.
Next Generation analyses, verifies and makes actionable recommendations on all the data related to funds, investments, projects and portfolios in a shorter time and more cost-effective manner by calculating the impact achieved, with more than 50 dimensions (impact and return) identified and capturing impact data and analysis in an impact report and dashboard. The proprietary impact assessment technology and reporting solution is a tested impact methodology and impact framework that identifies impact indicators and measures the total impact and return resulting from philanthropy, social and impact investments.
  • We design impact strategies grounded in extensive research, benchmarking and engagement
  • We assess the effectiveness of impact strategies, operations and programs
  • We measure the impact and return on investment of social and impact investments
  • We conduct impact assessments to provide evidence of impact
  • We create impact stories to share your impact journey
  • Through a process of social innovation, we create shared value and contribute meaningfully to social capital creation for our clients

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Our impact management and measurement processes objectives are to:

  • Determine what impact and return were achieved
  • Determine how much impact and return were achieved
  • Confirm who was impacted and in what way
  • Determine what value (impact and return) was created
  • Understand how impact and return can be enhanced and risks mitigated
How we do it