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17th Nov 2019

The pressure to measure impact

It seems everyone is talking about impact and is looking to achieve and demonstrate impact.  Investors talk of ‘impact investing’, social investors talk about social impact, and social purpose organisations are talking about collective i...

17th Nov 2019

15 Lessons from Impact Assessments

Over the past 10 years we’ve travelled an extraordinary journey.  Regarding the first request from a client in 2008: The mining and resources industry asked us to assist them with measuring the impact of their social and community invest...

16th Nov 2019

Measuring Impact – And Getting Better At It

We started our impact journey in 2009. It is only through looking back that we realised how far we have come. We did not set out to change the world, simply to answer a single question: What difference did we make? Since then, we have as...

16th Nov 2019

Measuring The Social Impact & ROI Of CSI

Social and community investment and development programmes have become critically important for companies worldwide. As a result of the increasing demand for robust corporate governance and an illustration of the “licence to operate”, gr...

16th Nov 2019

What is Impact: Impact Vocabulary and Definitions

Next Generation has developed the Investment Impact Index™ to assist our clients in the social and impact investment sector to measure, verify, analyse and report on impact. Impact: The term ‘impact’ typically refers only to relatively l...