The Investment Impact Index™ (III™)

What it is:

An impact assessment methodology and framework

An impact analysis process

An online impact reporting system and dashboard


A powerful methodology and framework created by experienced professionals

What is the Investment Impact Index™ and how does it work?

Created by Next Generation, the Investment Impact Index™ (III™) is an integrated impact measurement and management solution that uses a 360-degree approach to impact data by utilising technology as a platform to:

  • Speed up the process of impact measurement and management 
  • Visualise impact data
  • Provide deeper insights into impact data
  • Provide more cost-effective solutions to the social and impact sector

Not only does it inform investment strategies and due diligence practices, it also creates baselines for future assessments, internal learning and future impact scenarios.

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An end-to-end or 360 degree solution. The Investment Impact Index™ is an impact indicator, giving organisations deep insight into what changes their investments made, who was impacted and in what way and how to you can use this information to enable more meaningful impact stories.

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How it works

How The III™ methodology and online platform works for you


We measure the depth and reach of impact achieved by investments across an impact value chain.


We verify and validate impact and return data based on evidence collected from all impacted stakeholders.


We compare impact and return data against investment objectives and targets, across 20 analytical dimensions.


We benchmark impact and return data across portfolios, themes, and focus areas and determine cost benefit and effectiveness of investments.


We visualise impact and return data and provide extensive reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Methodology - Processes, methods and value


Our impact management and measurement framework


Our impact management process


How we map impact and return

Benefits of integrated impact measurement and management for our clients

  1. A useful impact planning and management tool to determine whether to continue investments, adjust investments or exit investments

  2. Analytical information and insights to inform investment and development practice/programme improvement and decision-making

  3. Verification of actual impact and return achieved against strategic objectives and investment intent

  4. Benchmarking and comparison across investment themes and development portfolios

  5. Facilitation of internal/strategic/operational conversations about value created or diminished and/or risks mitigated

  6. Confidence in the quality and accuracy of impact data

  7. Insights into the cost-effectiveness of investment strategies and development practices

  8. Improved reputation, credibility, accountability and transparency of investments

  9. A body of knowledge about what works, or does not work

  10. Credible evidence of impact and return on investment achieved across value chains and ecosystems

What is impact assessment & why is it important?

Oftentimes social investors, grant-makers and donors are put off by the cost of an impact assessment. 

But the cost of an impact assessment is directly related to the size of the investment, number of investments made, programs funded, location and the scale & size of these interventions.

In addition, it’s influenced by how much information is available (i.e. strategies, monitoring and evaluation reports) vs. how much information must be gathered and, of course, the number of stakeholders impacted. 

Therefore, it’s important to understand what an impact assessment entails to help put our cost into context.

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